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It's been as busy as ever since my last news update although a mild throat infection has been a real inconvenience over the last 4 weeks but the voice is more or less back to normal. I was asked to play the cittern at a Mindsong away day as they had a little medieval ensemble backing singers and dancers. I had never even heard of the instrument but managed to borrow one a few days beforehand and learn a few chords! I have now completed just over a year as Singing Leader with the 'Singing for the Brain' Stonehouse Group and a year and a half with the Coleford Group. Lots of lovely people and its nice to get a few appreciative hugs and hand shakes.
Currently, I have undertaken a big project for 'Mindsong'. I am writing a batch of songs and hope to get local acts and some Mindsong Volunteers to record them for an album in aid of the charity. Exciting times!

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It’s been a while since my last post but it has been a hectic few months with plenty of work from Mindsong, Alzheimers Society and other charities as well as a few gigs. This included a stint with ukulele band ‘The Old Night Train’ at the Taurus Crafts Ukulele Day near Lydney. A lot of the songs that I have been asked to perform have taken me well out of my comfort zone but, conversely, I have also performed some of my own compositions which is something I haven’t done much for a while. It was good to revisit ‘Black Satin Sheets’ and ‘Wheel of Every Car’ for example as well as including a brand new song ‘She’s Gone’ at Taurus Crafts. However, the last two weeks have been very frustrating as I have had an injury to the index finger of my left hand which has prevented me playing my collection of guitars and ukuleles. Especially frustrating as an old friend gifted me a beautiful hand-made telecaster type guitar which plays like a dream. Anyway, my finger is improving and I have even been able to play a little ukulele today. Just as well as I have lots of work coming up. Thankfully, I only had to cancel one engagement although I did have to lead two ‘Singing for the Brain’ sessions armed only with a tambourine!


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